LEGS Rotary LR17

This is our smallest rotary Piezo LEGS®, with direct drive and 30mNm torque output.

The integrated 15-bit encoder gives closed loop resolution of 0.2 mrad (0.01°), while open loop resolution is sub-microradian. Full force power-off locking is a safety function inherent to the design.

Not designed for vacuum and non-magnetic environments.

Order information: LR17-030A21E1A00

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Connector motorCviLux CI1116M-2VD0
Connector encoderCviLux CI1116M-2VD0 (all in one)
Material in motor housingAluminium, stainless steel
Angular range 360 °
Speed range 10−265 (0–44 rpm)
Step angle, full step 21000 µrad
Motor resolution 3<0,1 µrad
Built-in encoderYes
Encoder typeMagnetic, absolute
Encoder accuracy2 mrad
Encoder resolution0.2 mrad
Stall torque30 mNm
Holding torque>30 mNm
Recommended operating range 0–15 mNm
Shaft load, max. radial, 6.5 mm from mounting face1 N
Shaft load, max. axial2 N
Shaft press fit force, max. 5 N
Operating voltage42-48 V
Power consumption3.5 mW/Hz
Diameter17 mm
Weight30 g
Operating temperature–20 to +70 ºC
1 @ Rhomb, no load, 20ºC
2 @ Delta, no load, 20ºC
3 14 bits, 8192 microsteps


WaveformMax freq. (Hz)Speed range
Delta30000–28 rpm (0–170°/s)
Rhomb30000–44 rpm (0–265°/s)


VersionDatasheetCAD files
Stainless steelDatasheet LR17STEP-file (Zip)