LEGS Rotary LR23-50

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This is a new product family with a wide range of versions.

A 50mNm torque output version for non-magnetic and/or vacuum environments. The non-magnetic version comes with built-in encoder or with extended shaft for customer encoder customizations. There is also a stainless-steel version with 80mNm torque, that also comes with encoder or with extended shaft. Designed for vacuum and non-magnetic environments. Note that all combinations are not available.

For order information see motor nomenclature as picture above.

  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-magnetic extended shaft
  • Non-magnetic encoder
  • Non-magnetic vacuum
  • Non-magnetic vacuum extended shaft
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Category: SKU: lr50


WaveformMax freq. (Hz)Speed range
Delta30000–19 rpm (0–114°/s)
Rhomb30000–27 rpm (0–160°/s)


VersionDatasheetCAD files
Non-magneticDatasheet LR23-50N/A
Non-magnetic, extended shaftDatasheet LR23-50N/A
Non-magnetic, encoderDatasheet LR23-50N/A
Non-magnetic, vacuumDatasheet LR23-50N/A
Non-magnetic vacuum, extended shaftDatasheet LR23-50N/A