LEGS Linear Twin LTC40


The twin concept is designed for high force output in a compact body, in this case a stall force of 40N. This gives a more robust design without the need of ball bearings.

It has direct drive with no backlash and can microstep in the sub-nano millimeter range.

The LTC40 version is similar to the LT40 but is covered and has a stroke of maximum 12.8mm. Does not come with built-in encoder but with a range of adapter solutions.

Full force power-off locking is a safety function inherent to the design. Not designed for vacuum and non-magnetic environments.

For order information see motor nomenclature as picture above.

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Connector motorCable w. JST 05SR-3S or JST-SHR-05V-S
Connector encoderN/A
Material in motor housingStainless steel
Stroke0-13 mm
Speed range 10-12 mm/s
Step Length 25 µm
Motor resolution 3<1 nm
Built-in encoderNo
Encoder resolution N/A
Stall force40 N
Holding force>40 N
Recommended operating range 0–20 N
Operating voltage42-48 V
Power consumption20 mW/Hz
Mechanical size L x H x D65 x 29 x 29 mm
Weight175 g
Operating temperature–20 to +70 ºC
1 @ Rhomb, no load, 20ºC
2 @ Delta, no load, 20ºC
3 14 bits, 8192 microsteps


Stroke (mm)Drive rod length (mm)


WaveformMax freq. (Hz)Speed range (mm/s)


VersionDatasheetCAD files
Stainless steelDatasheet LTC40STEP-file (Zip)