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LT4040A-050A0A00, Stall force 40N, M3 mount, No guiding, No adapter, 0 – 22 mm stroke, 050 mm drive rod


The twin concept makes for high force output in a compact body, in this case a stall force of 20N. This gives a more robust design without the need of ball bearings. It has direct drive with no backlash and can microstep in the sub-nanometer range. Full force power-off locking is a safety function inherent to the design. This is the stainless steel version.

SKU: 3033013050 (LT4040A-050A0A00)

11,760 kr - 18,430 kr

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1 - 418,430 kr
5 - 1915,670 kr
>2011,760 kr
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