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LL06A0-060M1G1E0, Stall force 6N, No encoder, Guiding, Adapter front, 0 – 33,1 mm stroke, 060 mm drive rod


This motor is the smallest LEGS motor from PiezoMotor. It has a stall force of 6.5N and a low weight of only 16grams. It has direct drive with no backlash and can microstep in the sub-nanometer range. Full force power-off locking is a safety function inherent to the design. Not designed for vacuum and non-magnetic environments.

SKU: 1031110060 (LL06A0-060M1G1E0)

2,630 kr - 5,480 kr

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Quantity Price
1 - 45,480 kr
5 - 194,660 kr
20 - 493,500 kr
>502,630 kr
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Additional information


Standard stainless steel




No encoder


Front adapter


0 – 33,1 mm