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Starter-KIT, LL06A0-070M0G0E0, Stall force 6NNo encoder, No guiding, No adapter, 0 – 46,6 mm stroke, 070 mm drive rod


With the Starter kit you can easily get started with Piezo
LEGS®. With the free PiezoMotor DriveLab application,
you can run the motor in closed loop and with controlled
position from a built-in encoder.
The Starter kit is delivered with a PMD401 controller and a
linear or rotary motor (LL06, LT20, LT40, LR17 or LR23). It’s
a fully featured miniature connector board for open loop
and closed loop operation that can be easily stacked to
form a multi-axis controller system. It can be connected
to the customer’s mainboard for integration in OEM
applications. The PMD401 provides a resolution of up to
8192 microsteps, which means a positioning resolution in
the sub-nanometer range. Host communication is done
via 2-wire RS485 through ASCII commands.
Starter kit
The Starter kit is delivered with power supply for all regions
and a USB (RS85) connection to a Windows computer
running DriveLab. Download Piezo DriveLab from the
PiezoMotor official website

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Standard stainless steel




No encoder


No adapter


0 – 46,6 mm