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Under mars kommer PiezoMotor medverka vid två presentationstillfällen

Den 5 mars 2019 anordnar SvD Börsplus en temadag i Stockholm där några bolag som har dubblat sitt värde senaste året presenterar sig. PiezoMotors finanschef Olof Stranding presenterar klockan 14:10. Evenemanget är gratis men kräver anmälan. Presentationen kommer att läggas upp på PiezoMotors hemsida. För mer information om evenemanget klicka här  Den 20 mars anordnar…

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BLOG EXCLUSIVE: In his own words – Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang reflects on weightlessness in space

It’s with great pleasure and pride we are able to publish an article penned by the only swede that have experienced space up-close – professor and astronaut Christer Fuglesang. Christer gives us unique insights how weightlessness in space works and affected his life during his two historic NASA missions. He also tells us about his…

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Gravitational waves unfolds the unknown story about space

The discovery has been considered a starting point for a new era in astrophysics. Some call it a revolution in motion. Rainer Weiss and Kip Thorne’s observation of gravitational waves was awarded with this year’s Nobel Prize in physics. Piezo LEGS® will play a major part in the next step of detecting and exploring gravitational…

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4 reasons why Piezo LEGS® precision motor should replace traditional stepper motors

The new paradigm is here. Piezo LEGS® precision motor is a product that has proven its ability in many of the industrial markets and has emerged as a serious competitor to conventional stepper motor solutions. We list four good reasons to replace your traditional stepper motor with the groundbreaking Piezo LEGS® piezoelectric/precision motor. 1. Movement…

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Non magnetic motors are pushing the boundaries for MRI surgery

One out of seven American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. It makes it the second most common cancer form within the group. Besides radiation, ablation of affected prostate tissue thru surgery is one of the main treatment methods. This kind of advanced surgery is performed when the patient is located in…

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PiezoMotor makes high-precision motors with direct drive. There’s no need for gears or mechanical transmissions. The result is backlash-free linear motion with nanometer or even sub-nanometer resolution. Reducing the number of parts also means that the size of the motor can be decreased considerably compared with traditional solutions. Simple drive electronics also save space. Any…

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Holding force

The direct friction coupling between legs and drive rod means Piezo LEGS® gives full force and power-off locking without any power consumption. The stall force is the highest force load a running motor can dynamically hold without slipping backwards. The holding force is the highest load a powered-down motor can statically hold without slipping backwards. Holding force…

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