At PiezoMotor, we are particular about our standards, and make sure that quality is controlled on all levels. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Here is a summary of our quality system:

Quality Management System:


The quality assurance process aims to prevent the use of invalid editions of documents, to work with continuous improvements to achieve higher customer satisfaction and profitability, to ensure that corrective actions are introduced and reported on discrepancies reported by customer or supplier, and to ensure that Piezomotor complies with ISO9000:2015 .

Quality Policy:


We will be a profitable company that gives value to our stakeholders.


We will achieve this by meeting the increased need of small compact motors that can provide increased miniaturization, increased precision and lower energy consumption. Our goal is that our motors should be built into volume applications. We will create this added value through:

High customer satisfaction

High delivery reliability

Few complaints

High yield in our production

Increased productivity in production, logistics and development.

We will make continuous improvements to increase the quality and efficiency of our processes and comply with applicable requirement.


Certificate of Registration SS-EN ISO 9001:2015