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PMD301 Controller


Piezo LEGS® Controller PMD301

A versatile standalone packaged controller unit with inbuilt functions to operate Piezo LEGS® motors in closed loop (target mode) or open loop with sub-nanometer resolution.

Multiple units can be easily chained to form multi-axis systems with host communication over serial RS485. An external motion controller may control the speed via SPI or analog interface

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3,440 kr - 4,704 kr

Price list

Quantity Price
1 - 44,704 kr
5 - 194,240 kr
20 - 493,820 kr
50 - 993,820 kr
>1003,440 kr
Quantity Price
1 - 4 4,704 kr
5 - 19 4,240 kr
20 - 49 3,820 kr
50 - 99 3,820 kr
100+ 3,440 kr


Type Value Note
Number of axes 1
Multi-axis support Yes Units can be chained for multi axis RS485 communication
True speed control No Only stepping rate controlled
Resolution 8192 microsteps Each full step of about 5 μm is divided into 8192 steps
Maximum stepping rate (Full step frequency – Hz) 2500 Depends on motor
Supported encoders Quadrature ABZ differential, 20 MHz counting
SSI 8–30 bits, 750 or 130 kbps
BiSS 18/26/32 bits, 750 kbps
Analog Analog ±10 V (12 bits)
Host communication Two-wire RS485 Commands are sent in ASCII format, 115.2 kbps (n81)
USB (virtual COM port)

Servo interface

SPI 16 bits (signed), max 20 Mbps
Analog Analog interface ±10 V (12 bits, 5 kHz)
General I/O 4 in Depending on encoder type and use of limit switches
2 out
Stacking connector N/A
Motor connector 5-pole, JST SM05B-SRSS-TB Two connectors, parallel connection
Encoder/servo connector 15-pin HD female D-sub Input for sensors or motion controller
Limit switch Yes Input for external limit switches
Communication connector 3.5 mm audio jack x 2 RS485, daisy chain
USB mini type B Input for USB virtual COM port
Power connector 2-pole header, 2.54 mm, Molex 70543-0001 Input for power supply
Power supply 48 V DC, 20 W 48 V DC ±5%
Dimensions 123 x 78 x 35mm



Version Data sheets CAD files
PMD301 PMD301 data sheet N/A
PMD301 User Manual