Robotics Summit & Expo, Boston 2023

Challenges of surgical robot manufacturing

Movements and Compatibility

MedTech industry and especially surgical robot manufacturing is extremely demanding. Precise, accurate and smooth movements of surgery manipulators are crucial for improving patient safety and clinical outcome. Additionally, radiation proofness and magnetic compatibility is increasingly required for radiotherapy applications as well as image-guided interventions.

Surgical robot

How PiezoMotor Engineers the Future of Robotics

PiezoMotor technology enables movements in the nanometer range with zero backslash, active position hold and excellent repeatability to ensure that the instrument only moves when the surgeons want it and without wobbling or motion artefacts. We provide motors suitable for CT and MRI guidance systems. Radiation proof, no influence from the magnetic fields and not generating unwanted magnetic fields. This is how we help you solve positioning problems in a compact, precise way with high operational forces.

Linear Direct Drive Extreme Precision Motors

Legs Linear LL06

High Precision 6.5N Piezo Motor

Linear Direct Drive 6.5N Piezo Motor


  • Very compact motor (24 x 20 x 11 mm)
  • Weights only 16 grams
  • 6.5N operational force
  • Super high resolution of 80nm with integrated encoder (step size <1nm)
  • No backlash
  • Zero drift thanks to auto-hold
  • Zero power consumption while on hold

Legs Linear LT20 and LT40

High Precision 20-40N Piezo Motors



  • Up to 40N operational force
  • Survives ionizing radiation up to 1MGy
  • Works in strong magnetic fields and does not generate its own during operation
  • External encoder support
  • No backlash
  • Zero drift thanks to auto-hold
  • Zero power consumption while on hold

Key benefits

  • Very good integration possibilities due to small body
  • All-in-One solution: motor + guiding + encoder integrated together

Key benefits

  • Precise manipulation, even for heavy equipment
  • Allows real-time imaging while the surgical robot is in use

Full specification for:
Legs Linear LL06

Full specifications for:
 Legs Linear LT20 and Legs Linear LT40

Rotary Piezo Motors, Linear Piezo Motors up to 450 Newton and custom solutions

Need more power or rotative movement?

When your application requires higher than 40N operational force or if you wish to have direct rotary drive, then please reach out to us, we have other solutions for you

Linear Motors

Piezo motor LTC 450
  • LTC40, is a covered 40N Linear Motor
  • LTC300 is a 300N Linear Motor designed to be vacuum compatible
  • LTC 450 is a 450N Linear Motor designed to be vacuum compatible

Rotary Motors

Rotary piezo motor LR23
  • LR17 Rotary Piezo Motor with 0.2 mrad resolution integrated encoder
  • LR23-50 Rotary Piezo Motor, 50mN-m, designed for vacuum and/or environments with strong magnetic fields
  • LR23-80 Rotary Piezo Motor, 80 mN-m

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