PiezoMotor Starter Kits

With the free PiezoMotor DriveLab application, you can run the motor in closed loop and with controlled position from a built-in encoder.

The Starter kit is delivered with a PMD401 controller and a linear or rotary motor (LL06, LT20, LT40, LR17 or LR23). It’s a fully featured miniature connector board for open loop and closed loop operation that can be easily stacked to form a multi-axis controller system.

It can be connected to the customer’s mainboard for integration in OEM applications. The PMD401 provides a resolution of up to 8192 microsteps, which means a positioning resolution in the sub-nanometer range.

Host communication is done via 2-wire RS485 through ASCII commands. Starter kit The Starter kit is delivered with power supply for all regions and a USB (RS85) connection to a Windows computer running DriveLab. Download Piezo DriveLab from the PiezoMotor official website

Starter Kit Legs Linear Twin LT20
Starter Kit With the Legs Linear Twin LT20 motor. Starter kits are available for most of our motors.

A kit includes:

  • Piezo Motor
  • Controller Board
  • Wiring Connector/Cables
  • Power Supply

Starter Kits are available for most of our piezo motors. Use our configurator to find a good fit for your application or contact us and we will be happy to help you.