The Legs Linear Twin LT20 direct drive piezo motor

The twin concept makes for high force output in a compact body, in this case a stall force of 20N and a weight of only 29 grams. This gives a more robust design without the need of ball bearings.

It has direct drive with no backlash and can microstep in the sub-nano millimeter range. Does not come with built-in encoder but the motor comes as three different versions; standard stainless steel for normal environment, a vacuum version and a non-magnetic vacuum version.

Full force greater then 20 Newton power-off locking safety function inherent to the design.

Linear motion 20N stall force piezo motor LT20

Compact size for small spaces

Without the ceramic driving rod the motor can fit within a 22 mm long x 21 mm tall x 17.5 mm wide space. The ceramic driving rod length is the only variable. It’s length depends on your stroke requirement.

Resulting product is very compact and fits in small spaces where conventional rotary motors will not.

Legs Linear Twin LT20 piezo motor 3D model
Legs Linear Twin LT20 piezo motor top view
Top view of the Legs Linear Twin LT20 standard piezo motor
Legs Linear Twin LT20 piezo motor side view
Side view of the Legs Linear Twin LT20 standard piezo motor
Legs Linear Twin LT20 piezo motor end view

Stroke range

Stroke (mm) With one adaptorDrive rod length (mm)

Motor Speed at 20C, No Load

WaveformMax Freq. (Hz)Speed Range (mm/s)

Motor performance

Motor performance with waveform Rhomb (filled and waveform Delta (dotted). The full step length is the average distance the drive rod moves when the legs take one full step (i.e. for one waveform cycle).

Note: A standard deviation σ of 0.5 μm should be taken into account.
Typical values are given for 20ºC.

Motor performance piezo motor graph

PiezoMotor DriveLab software

We offer the PiezoMotor DriveLLab software for demo and starter kits.

This software supports the following controllers: PMD101, PMD301 and PMD401.

Software is compatible with MS Windows 7 or 10

PiezoMotor DriveLab Software for Piezo motor starter kits

Piezo Motor Starter Kits - A great way to get started, quickly

A starter kit is available for each of the Piezo Motor products. Try our configurator or use the contact form. A kit includes:

  • Piezo Motor
  • Controller Board
  • Wiring Connector/Cables
  • Power Supply
Starter Kit Legs Linear Twin LT20

Piezo LEGS®motor technology

Piezo LEGS® work with friction drive, where force is created by the internal preload of the piezoceramic actuator legs in direct friction contact with the rotor or drive rod. When the legs start walking, they are always in mechanical contact with the drive rod. Check out our Technology page for more information.

Applications where the Legs Linear Twin LT20 is used

The Twin LT20 piezo motor is excellent for highly accurate linear motion requirements where high force output is needed. It is also a perfect choice for vaccuum environment as well as environments with high magnetic fields. On example is the Ginolis PMBi Dispensing Pump.

The Twin LT20 is also found in e.g Semiconductor Processing Equipment, Nanometer Positioning Systems, Advanced Optic Applications, Active Autofocus Systems, Microdialysis Pumps and Surgical Robots.

Ginolis PMBi pump